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By Susana Zaragoza, Online Marketer at Academia Sánchez-Casal in Naples, Florida

“I would love to win a Grand Slam”

“My best victory so far was the ASC Women’s Open semifinal against Kayla Day”

16-year old player Claire Liu won the first series of the $25,000 Academia Sanchez-Casal Women’s Pro-circuit Open, the Svetlana Kuznetsova Cup. Liu, who came from the qualies, played 12 matches during 8 days and made it victoriously to the final, beating the two-time NCAA Singles Title Champion Danielle Rose Collins.


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Liu earned her spot in the final by beating the No 2 seed Kayla Day, a childhood friend and current hitting partner. California’s Day and Liu battled for more than 3 hours, showing a highly competitive game that made the spectators vibrate.

After the final, she told us about her experience at the ASC Women’s Championship:

What were your expectations at the beginning of the tournament?

I was trying to focus on one match at a time. Last week I was competing in South Carolina, then I started playing qualies here. I just wanted to compete and give my best.

Yesterday you played a great match against # 2 seed Kayla Day, who was a finalist at this tournament last year. How was it?

Kayla and I met almost 10 years ago, we are from the same part of California and we train together sometimes. We’re really good friends and that made the match more challenging.


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What would be your greatest accomplishment in tennis?

I would love to win a Grand Slam(laughs). In the meantime, my goals are to play my best and be the best I can be.


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What has been the best victory you’ve ever had?

Probably my best victory so far has been yesterday’s semifinal with Kayla, because we’re very good friends. It’s always competitive between us. Last time I played against her she won, previously I beat her. It is always back and forth between us. That’s why yesterday it was a very good match.

Do you have any routine before your matches?

My coach is in California, he sends me notes for my match the day before. I just go to a private spot, review the notes and prepare my dynamic, and make sure that I stay focused.


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How do you like Sanchez-Casal Academy?

I love it. The Academy is so nice: I love the courts, I love the gym, the restaurant is great. It’s all green. I love being here!

What are your future plans?

Just keep playing and traveling. Then next year I’ll have to decide whether I’ll turn pro or go to college.

This is the second ITF title for Liu, whose other merits also include winning the doubles title at Junior Wimbledon in 2016 while partnered with fellow American Usue Arconada. We wish her many more victories and a bright future, and hope to welcome you back soon to Sanchez-Casal!

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Susana Zaragoza, Online Marketer

Sánchez-Casal Academy, Florida

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