Game, Set, Fight=Cure

Casper Fernandez low resoltion

To a teacher, the children in his or her classroom are not just students; they are a part of their family. Whenever you hear a teacher telling stories about their day, the students are always referred to as “my kids.” That is what teaching will do to a person; it grows your heart bigger and bigger with every passing day. I have had Casper Fernandez in my classes here at ES International School for two years, and just as with any teenager, he has frustrated and exhausted me, but most important, he has made me proud to be his teacher. The word “cancer” has the ability to cut through the heart of any person. But when the diagnosis is for a teenager with so much ambition and potential, it cuts even deeper.



One of the great problems of sport is oxidative stress. Excessive body oxygenation through breathing accelerates the oxidation process, which generates free radicals. Free radicals can cause premature aging and many degenerative diseases. What can we do to renew our cells and keep ourselves healthy and young? To counteract oxidation, the best we can do is provide our body with natural dietary antioxidants.

Hydration as a performance factor


During exercise, our body suffers a depletion of nutrients and ions through the loss of fluids. It is of vital importance to replace these losses or else the athlete may reach a state of dehydration.

Children, fruit and vegetables


Most children and teenagers don’t eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. How can we make sure our children are eating the right amount? Sergi Bonillo, Food and Beverage manager at Academia Sánchez-Casal Barcelona, talks about it.

Teaching athletes how to eat for maximum performance


In order to reach their maximum performance, it’s vital that athletes have a solid knowledge of nutrition. They should know how to choose the right foods for each period of training and/or competition and adapt their diet to the continuous number of changes that occur over their sporting lives.