NEWS 2019 at Academia Sánchez-Casal Barcelona

Vista aerea ASC pistas Greenset

By Daniel Muñoz Pozo, Head of Communications & Media at Sánchez-Casal Academy.


Coaches of the Digital Age: Sánchez-Casal with Playsight, Head Sensor, and Technogym, and the renovation of GreenSet courts.


The start of the new academic year at our headquarters in Barcelona comes full of news. We would like to share with you all the improvements we have made, all of which center around the player as the main protagonist of our project.

High Performance requires that we continuously innovate in our methods of training. When we talk about technology and data, there are ideal ingredients that give added value to the recognized and comprehensive ASC 360 Training System. The following technology and data tools have been implemented on campus this season:

Playsight’s recording and video analysis system; Head Sensors on the racket, new GreenSeet courts, and the complete renovation of our facilities in the gym alongside Technogym, the leading brand in the sector.



These technologies allow us to optimize training sessions and improve player development. For example, Playsight permits the recording of matches and training, alongside visualization on court of technical and tactical details, both of which are key pillars of the Sánchez-Casal system.

Head Sensors facilitate instantaneous access to key data coming from a memory card that is inserted in the tennis racket cap. As a result, players can visualize the point of impact, and precise details in the service.

In addition, the new machinery and technology of Technogym helps players obtain maximum performance from each training: a principal objective of the physical field. Technogym’s (official supplier of fitness equipment to the Olympic Games), Skillmill ™ line is showcased in our new gym. This line allows players to improve fitness in areas such as power, speed, endurance and agility, giving them significant advantages in their professional sports training.




One of the most significant additions for this academic year is the renewal of 3 courts by our provider GreenSet, with their new Cushion surface, a surface chosen this year to be used in the Australian Open Grand Slam.

The new courts, which provide a better absorption of the bounce, will allow our players to adapt to and feel the same sensations and speed of play as that which the ATP and WTA players will have in Melbourne.

All of these announcements represent the latest innovations at the Sánchez-Casal Academy, which is currently celebrating 20 years of taking care of the development and evolution of players. Our innovations embrace both technological and digital aspects, and a renovation of our infrastructure.

With these advances and renovations, the Sánchez-Casal coaches and players will work this year on the following three important pillars of the Sánchez-Casal system: the technical pillar, tactical pillar and the physical pillar. Thanks to our personalized treatment, communication has always been fundamental to the evolution and development of the player, and communication will be further facilitated by these technological advances, truly making a difference to each player’s development.

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Daniel Muñoz Pozo
Head of Communications & Media at Sánchez-Casal Academy

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