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By Ivette Nieto and Tatiana Batalla, Marketing department, Sánchez-Casal Academy.

What is happening to the oceans?  

A question once asked by a young ASC student-athlete of Sánchez-Casal Barcelona SaBencheghib. When he graduated in 2016 he already had clear goals and objectives: Make a big impact on the world. Today, we want to share his success with all of you and show you our little piece of change that we are making inspired by our alumni Sam Bencheghib who has achieved great things next to his brother and sister by co-founding the company “Make a Change in the World.”   

Sam Bencheghib started with a purpose: Create awareness of what is happening to the environment across America. We reached out to him to know his current location and when we got his answer, we could feel his passion and his motivation of the project he is doing described in two sentences. He explained: “I am currently in full preparation mode of our next project called Ocean2Ocean where I’ll be running 3,000 miles across America, from NYC to LA. My objective is to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Also, by being the first person to do this on recycled shoes, I hope to ignite a national conversation of what each one of us can do to make a change.”  

This project inspired our ESIS International School in Naples. This year, students and staff members are exploring ways to make a positive impact in the world by becoming more aware of what is going on with our planet and of how they can recycle more and consume less. The ESIS International School students don’t use plastic, but rather their own water bottles; they also recycle and pick up any trash they find. They are planning to visit a local waste management plant to observe recycling streams for various materials, such as paper and plastics.  Also, the Sánchez-Casal Academy has replaced disposable plastic cups, has reduced waste, and has distributed recycling bins.  

Also, we are trying to impact the community to add them to our efforts. For that reason, we have distributed posters around our academy and school with messages meant to raise awareness about the importance of recycling. We believe that if everyone adds their own grain of sand, together we can make a difference. The future of our world is in our hands and with a small movement that you can make a habit of, we can change the world for a better future.    

Sam grew up thinking in the bigger picture, motivated by a cause that concerns everyone. He didn’t grow up thinking of going pro to be the best athlete in the world but instead, he used his means of being an athlete to contribute in a race that would help to change the world. For that reason, we feel proud that he is a part of our family.  From Sánchez-Casal, we want to dedicate to him a video to let him and his team know that we are aware of his work, we support his cause, and we are turning our Academy and School into a green place. Go Green! 


Ivette Nieto and Tatiana Batalla 
Marketing department, Sánchez-Casal Academy

Sanchez-Casal Anual Program

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